What’s it like, being mixed race?

It can be really great sometimes, because I have a lot of experiences that others don’t have. For instance, I was raised on eating Chinese chicken feet and pierogies. And I find that I connect with others more easily because I can identify more with their background, whether it’s that of an immigrant or person of color or someone who’s Caucasian and whose family has been here for generations.

But being mixed can be tough sometimes because it’s hard to feel like I fully belong in any group. For instance, when I am with Chinese people, I’m the “white” person, and when I’m with a bunch of white people, I’m the “Chinese” person. Or the exotic person. Either way, I have one foot in both worlds, but sometimes it would be nice to have 2 feet somewhere. When I am with other mixed race people who understand what this is like, that’s really, really cool.

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