14 Book Lists on Mental Health for Youth and Teens

This list is drawn from libraries, new sites, psychotherapist and counseling practices, book lists, and newspapers.

And my book is on every single one of them!!!

All That I Can Fix addresses suicide, depression, anxiety, child PTSD from gun violence, coping mechanisms – including dark humor (so there’s a lot of wicked humor). Here you go! Each list has a plethora of titles. Enjoy the abundance!

(ps – I can autograph your book, too)


Hundreds of Books about Mental Health for Teens

1. 50 Must-Read YA Books about Mental Illness (List Challenges) – I topped the list!

2. Anxiety and Mental Health Books (Monroe County Public Library, IN) – I topped the list!

3. 24 Important Books That Address Mental Health Topics (Riveted)

4. The Thought Spot: Depression (Hugs and Kisses for Books)

5. Getting Better: YA Lit Reflects A More Nuanced Representation of Mental Health (School Library Journal)

6. Books That Build Deeper Empathy around Mental Health (Ann Braden)

7. You’re Not Alone: Mental Health for Teens (Durham County Library, NC)

8. Updated Bestsellers Books that Tackle Tough Subjects (Lincoln Journal Star, NE)

9. Young Adult Fiction Booklist: 16 Books That Address Mental Health Topics (Grow Counseling

10. YA Books about Mental Illness (Book Riot)

11. Books about Mental Health Staff Picks (Toronto Public Library)

12. Must Read in 2019 Spring Update (There Is a Book for That)

13. Mental Health Titles (Follett)

14. Mental Health Booklist (Evanston Public Library, IL)


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