This workshop helps students understand and unpack their world in a time when mental distress among youth is rampant. Click on the Summary or Full Proposal and Pricing below to learn more:

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What People Have Been Saying

“Crystal Chan gave my students an opportunity to speak, listen, and be heard deeply.  She created an emotionally safe environment and coaxed multiple sentences out of some of my quietest students.  Through her writing workshop my students were able to explore the connection between emotion, voice, speaking their truth, and the written word.  They used critical thinking skills to describe and summarize complex emotional topics, getting to the essence of what was really there.

We moved seamlessly from this workshop into a class exercise where students applied the same writing process to their assignment.  This workshop has obvious applications in English classes and Language classes, and probably some connections to History and Social Studies classes in which historical perspective, historical narrative, or reporting on current events might be the focus.  This workshop carries students through both a writing exercise and a social emotional exercise, recognizing students as their whole selves.” – Bethany A., High school teacher

“My favorite part was the end where we understood what our original writing really meant. How did it feel to speak my truth and be heard by others? [It felt] relieving.” – Justin, High School Senior

 “I really enjoyed this process, it is very helpful in surfacing and bringing hidden issues to light.” – C.H.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and tend to think writing isn’t for me. This process allowed me to create without worrying or critique or who was witnessing my work and write just for me. I leaned into my grief on my path toward healing. Thank you for offering a space where I was able to allow myself to be vulnerable and develop intimacy with other participants through our shared grief and humanity.” – Jennifer

“Really grateful for your comment giving me permission to not stay in my head, and if your process needs something else, that’s fine (not product focused). Thank you for creating a meaningful space and process.” – Zachary